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Bicycles, Pedestrians, and Texas Law: Staying Safe on the Road

Everything is bigger in Texas, and getting around the Lone Star State can be quite a task. Whether we’re traveling from one town to another for business and fun, or simply getting from home to work and back again, Texans certainly rack up the miles. While most of us travel by car, we are seeing more and more bicycles and pedestrians on the road as well. What are the road safety rules for bicycles and pedestrian?  And what should you do if you are injured?

Texas Traffic Laws

Whether you are traveling in a car, on a bicycle, or on foot, our great state has many laws in place to keep everyone safe while on the road:

  • In general, people riding bikes are required to follow all regular rules of traffic and driver safety. For instance, they must indicate lane changes and turns using hand signals. Cyclists must also be sure they are visible to traffic at all times, day and night. Use of a white lamp on the front of the bike and a red reflector or lamp on the rear of the bike is required at all times.
  • Traffic laws for pedestrians include the following: pedestrians may not walk on or along the side of a roadway if a sidewalk is accessible. If a sidewalk is not provided pedestrians should walk on the left side of a roadway or on the shoulder of a roadway facing (not with) the traffic flow.
  • Drivers should remember to share the road with bikes and pedestrians. Texas law requires motor vehicles to allow a wide area for passing cyclists and/or those traveling on foot, and some cities require at least 3 feet of passing distance between drivers and bicycles or pedestrians (6 feet of passing distance for commercial vehicles).
  • Everyone on the road should be alert and aware of road conditions, debris, and other factors that might require additional space for getting around.

For more information go to the Texas Department of Transportations website at

Corpus Christi Road Safety Attorneys

If you have been affected by an auto pedestrian, or auto bicycle accident, we can help. The attorneys at the Gutierrez Law Firm are experienced in road safety and liability, and they can help you find relief and compensation for your injuries. Call us today for a free consultation.