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When you purchase a product a well-known manufacturer puts on the shelves, you should expect that the product has been tested and is safe to use as directed. Sadly, many products that people use daily cause cancer, lung disease, or another debilitating condition.

In some cases, manufacturers prioritize profits over customers by continuing to sell dangerous or harmful products that they know to cause health problems. Knowingly putting harmful products on the market is unethical. When a product causes your injuries, the manufacturer should compensate you for your losses.

While pursuing a legal claim is difficult, a hardworking injury attorney can help you. Call our mass torts lawyers today to schedule a consolation.

What is the Difference Between Mass Torts and Class Action Lawsuits?

Mass torts and class actions are alike in some ways and different in others. Each type of case involves a large group of people who have been injured by the same defendant; however, people who file class action lawsuits share similar injuries, while mass tort claimants’ injuries range from minor to catastrophic.

A class action lawsuit combines each plaintiff’s claim into one action. One person, the Class Representative Plaintiff, stands in for the group, splitting any damages award equally between each claimant.

Mass tort actions involve plaintiffs who independently file lawsuits asking for specific damages based on the severity of their injuries from the same product. For example, exposure to asbestos left many people with chronic lung disease and others dead from mesothelioma. Each injured person was targeted as a segment of the population, suffering from manufacturers’ negligent and deceptive behavior. Often, faulty pharmaceutical or medical devices give rise to mass tort actions.

Mass Tort Lawyers Advocate for the Injured

Mass tort lawyers specialize in complex litigation involving numerous plaintiffs in around the country with similar fact patterns and unique outcomes. Our attorneys take the time to listen so we can better advocate for those injured. We fight for fair settlements or court-ordered damages awards. Some of the mass torts we have litigated include:

Our mass tort attorneys can determine if you are a suitable candidate for any of these actions. For example, when a child is born prematurely, is fed a cow’s milk-based formula, and develops NEC, our legal representatives could build a case against the baby formula company pleading your unique experience.

Example of Allegations in Baby Formula Cases

Allegations of misdeeds or negligence must be proven to obtain a favorable case outcome for the plaintiffs. In baby formula lawsuits, including the brands Enfamil™ and Similac®, our attorneys worked on the premise that babies born prematurely or underweight were most at risk for developing severe intestinal distress or necrotizing enterocolitis. NEC is linked to cow’s milk-based formulas and can obliterate the colon in some sensitive babies.

Lawsuits filed against baby formula companies alleged warnings failed to mention the increased risk of intestinal problems and death. Despite the companies’ knowledge of these problems, neither the formula nor warnings have been changed. Additionally, the companies advertised their products, targeting parents of premature babies, to be derived from or like breast milk, safe, and medically endorsed.

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You are likely devastated when you learn you have a severe medical condition caused by using a defective product or toxic medication. Callous manufacturers must be held accountable for the harm they cause consumers.

In many instances, other people have been hurt by the same product that hurt you. We are available to hear your story. Our mass torts lawyers value the trust you put in us to get you the positive case outcome you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation.