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TEPEZZA® and Hearing Loss/Tinnitus

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TEPEZZA® is a prescription drug used to treat thyroid eye disease (TED). Thyroid eye disease is an autoimmune disease that causes bulging eyes, eye pain, double vision, and difficulty closing the eyelid.  Recent studies have shown that people who used TEPEZZA® are susceptible to hearing loss and tinnitus.

The Gutierrez Law Firm is now handling TEPEZZA® hearing loss and tinnitus lawsuits.  If you used TEPEZZA® and later experienced permanent or persistent hearing loss or permanent or persistent tinnitus (ringing of the ears), The Gutierrez Law Firm could seek these damages for you:

  • Past and future medical expenses to treat your injuries.
  • Past and future pain and suffering you have experienced because of your injuries.
  • Wage losses, if any.
  • Other economic losses experienced because of your injuries.
  • Punitive damages, if appropriate.

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