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No Fee Unless We Win
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Personal Injury Lawyer Fees

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Accident victims can be overwhelmed by financial obligations. Bills from previous medical procedures mix with continued efforts to rehabilitate and heal. Missed time at work reduces take-home pay, making it difficult to cover everyday bills. When stretched beyond thin, having enough money for personal injury lawyer fees may seem impossible.

At the Gutierrez Law Firm, procuring the services of our accident lawyers doesn’t cost a single cent. You can afford legal help, and should seek it if you’ve been hurt in an accident.

Free Consultation

The accident lawyers at Gutierrez Law Firm want to know about the accident that caused your injury. Our attorneys are experienced in handling motor vehicle, workplace and a variety of other personal injury accidents. From the start, our attorneys work for free. When you contact the Gutierrez Law Firm and schedule a consultation, you don’t pay. The free consultation is a time for us to hear your side of the story, listening to the details of the accident and the pain and suffering you have endured.

The free consultation happens on your terms. You can come to our offices, or we can come to you. Many of our clients suffer from physical impairments that make it difficult to travel. During this meeting out attorneys will explain your rights, how the law applies in your situation, and give you a straightforward evaluation of your case, free of charge. There is no obligation to move past this initial meeting.

The Gutierrez accident attorneys will draw on years of experience to give you realistic expectations if you choose to move forward. We understand the financial hardship of a personal injury, and the desire to be compensated by those who caused your pain.

Contingency Fee Arrangement

Financial hardship in the aftermath of a personal injury accident has a trickle down effect. It starts with the accident and medical bills. Next, victims either miss work or can’t work because of the injuries. Without an income stream, the bills for daily living begin to pile up, unable to be paid. This financial difficulty is the reason why the personal injury lawyer fees at The Gutierrez Law Firm are structured on a contingency arrangement.

A contingency fee arrangement means that our clients don’t pay any fees up front, and we don’t collect any fees unless we recover money on their behalf. When a case is won, our fees are paid based on a percentage of the final settlement. If our clients don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. This arrangement allows us to represent all victims of negligence, and it allows our clients the peace of mind that they can afford an experienced attorney.

If you were hurt in an accident, contact the Gutierrez Law Firm and schedule your free consultation and get help fighting for personal injury compensation.