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Lawyer Referrals and Co-Counsel Agreements

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When a possible client reaches out to us, we first ask ourselves, “What can we do to serve this person best?” Sometimes we do not possess the proper resources to assist someone if their case involves a niche subject that our team is not as experienced with. In this kind of situation, we may contact another attorney or firm in the area that can serve that person. In addition,  we also take in client referrals from fellow lawyers who encounter similar situations. If you or your firm cannot assist an individual for any reason, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Co-Counsel Agreements

Sometimes, a cut-and-dry referral isn’t ideal for approaching a case. In events like these, a co-counsel agreement may be an adequate way for clients and their attorneys to reap the benefits of working with another lawyer or firm while still retaining an active role in the case.

Some common reasons for seeking a favorable co-counsel agreement include increased investigative resources; assistance from attorneys who have extensive experience within a specific practice area; the ability to call upon expert witnesses who might not otherwise be available; and the opportunity to learn on the job while ensuring that an experienced legal advocate still protects your client.

Every co-counsel agreement is as unique as the case and client it pertains to, which indicates that these collaborations need active participation from all parties involved. If you think that you or your client might benefit from working side-by-side with our experienced legal team, contact our law offices today.

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It’s beneficial for us to possess as much information as we can when determining if a referral or co-counsel arrangement is a good fit. Call our offices and ask our staff about how to get started if you are interested in working with us. We can examine the case and see if a referral or co-counsel agreement is a suitable arrangement.