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Auto Recalls: How safe is your car?

Texas is a big state, and we spend a lot of time in their cars. While we probably never think about it, the vehicles we travel in are not just designed to get us to from one place to another. They are also designed to keep us safe on the road. Unfortunately, however, accidents can happen. Do you know if your car will keep you and your loved ones safe, even in the event of a crash?

What is crashworthiness?

Crashworthiness is a term used to describe how safe a vehicle is in the event of a crash or collision. Different safety features are built into the car at the time of manufacture to protect passengers and minimize injuries. Items such as air bags, crumple zones, and specialized fuel tank design are all used to ensure a vehicle can sustain a collision and still keep occupants safe.

Vehicle Recalls and Safety Issues

Even if a car is considered “crashworthy” at the time of manufacture and sale, problems with safety features can happen once the vehicle is on the road. When these problems are discovered, those particular vehicles must be recalled. Since the beginning of 2018, there have been over 60 separate vehicle recalls issued for problems ranging from faulty air bags to steering wheel column defects. While many of these issues do not pose a serious danger to drivers and passengers, others have caused catastrophic accidents leading to major injury and death.

Is your car safe?

You can check the federal recall database to see if your car has been issued a recall. Visit the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration website (click here), and enter your vehicle’s VIN number (usually found on the dashboard of your car). If you find that your car has been recalled, call the dealership where you purchased your vehicle for further instructions. Keep in mind: if this is a NHTSA recall (issued by the federal government) any and all repairs must be done by the authorized dealer for free.

How Do I Keep Track of Recalls on My Car?

A new service by Carfax offers a free service that notifies people about open recalls. Consumers can have their vehicles continuously monitored for recalls by Carfax free of charge through the app. By entering the license plate or VIN, users save up to eight vehicles and get recall alerts on their mobile device.

Auto Recall Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident involving a safety recall, the attorneys at the Gutierrez Law Firm can help. We have assisted on car accident cases throughout South Texas, and we are experienced in vehicle crashworthiness and vehicle recall procedure and liability. Call us for a complimentary consultation. You may reach us at (361) 664-7377 or (713) 588-3300. You may also send an email to