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Paralysis is a devastating condition caused by nerve damage to someone’s spinal cord from injury or disease. It can be painful and expensive to live with paralysis, with the cost of medical treatment quickly overwhelming victims and their families. In the most severe cases, paralysis can permanently alter someone’s life.

If you were paralyzed and believe someone else’s negligence contributed to your injury, contact an Alice paralysis injury attorney to discuss your legal rights and remedies. Our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys understand that a paralysis injury will have life-altering consequences for a person and we will advocate for compensation based on the severity of your losses. Contact our office to discuss your claim.

Types of Paralysis Injuries

When someone is paralyzed in a serious accident, many factors impact the severity of the injury. A spinal cord injury is among the top causes. A paralysis injury is designated as either complete or incomplete, with a “complete” injury leading to a loss of all sensation below the site of injury due to nerve damage. When the damage is “incomplete,” it is only a partial loss of function below the site of their injury.

There are different forms of paralysis depending on what area of the body is affected, with the most prominent being monoplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia, and quadriplegia. In some cases, extensive treatment can improve mobility and sensation, but others may still experience lifelong complications due to their injuries. If you were paralyzed due to someone else’s actions, call an Alice attorney to discuss pursuing compensation for your medical bills and for any losses you will experience in the future.

Establishing Fault for a Paralyzing Injury

The most important thing a lawyer can prove is how another person or entity is responsible for an accident. The responsible party will bear the financial costs of the injury. Filing a lawsuit is especially important when a individual is paralyzed due to someone else’s negligence because there will likely be permanent consequences for that person and their ability to move.

Some examples of situations where someone could be legally responsible for a paralyzing injury would include:

An experienced attorney could work with a plaintiff to determine the cause of the accident by conducting a thorough investigation and collecting evidence to support the claim. Attorneys rely on various types of evidence in paralysis cases, like medical records, expert medical testimony, and witness testimony. To demonstrate fault, the injured person must prove the defendant owed them a legal duty, was reckless or negligent in their actions, and directly caused the paralysis.

Contact an Alice Paralysis Injury Lawyer for More Insight

Adjusting to life after a paralysis injury can bring significant challenges. A person who loses the use of their arms or legs usually has to modify their home and purchase equipment to allow them to continue their daily routines. Through a personal injury lawsuit, you could obtain compensation for the costs associated with past and future medical care, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, lost income, and reduced quality of life.

When you lost the use or feeling of your limbs because of another person or entity’s negligent act, contact an Alice paralysis injury attorney regarding your claim. The Gutierrez Law Firm could assist you in recovering compensation for your sustained physical, emotional, and financial damages. While no amount of financial compensation can reverse the damage of a paralysis or restore your quality of life, pursuing financial compensation can help you and your family to move forward.