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The aftermath of car accidents create a lot of stress if you suffer a significant injury, which might keep you out of work while you recover. Even if your injuries are not severe, a wreck means tangling with repair bills, not having the use of your vehicle, and dealing with insurance companies that do not treat you fairly.

The best move you could make after a collision is to get in touch with a local personal injury attorney immediately. A Meyerland car accident lawyer could help you file your claim, identify the potentially responsible parties, communicate with the insurance companies, and if necessary, take your case to court.

Vehicle Insurance Laws in Meyerland

Nobody may register a vehicle in Texas without providing proof of financial responsibility. Most people buy liability insurance that covers the losses others might suffer if the insured is at fault in an accident.

The minimum coverage is $30,000 for injuries to one person, $60,000 aggregate for bodily injuries to multiple people, and $25,000 for property damage. If a driver with the minimum coverage causes an accident with serious injuries and property damage, their liability could exceed their coverage limits.

A driver without insurance or whose policy limits are inadequate to cover an accident victim’s damages is personally liable for the amount that their insurance does not cover. A Meyerland motor vehicle crash attorney could look into the at-fault driver’s financial position and determine whether suing them for the balance is likely to secure the funds needed to cover all losses. The legal professional could investigate whether other sources of insurance coverage could be available in a specific case.

Determining Liability for a Crash

Determining which driver caused an accident is one of the critical steps in settling a car accident claim. The police report might offer some clues about who caused the crash, but in most cases, police officers were not present when the wreck happened. However, if the police issued a citation for disobeying a safety law, the ticket could be evidence of negligence.

The at-fault driver and their insurance company are responsible for paying the losses of other people involved in the wreck. Insurance companies often aggressively try to diminish their insured’s responsibility to limit their liability for damages.

A Meyerland attorney could conduct an independent investigation to determine what led to the car crash. If necessary, they could engage an accident reconstruction specialist to offer an informed opinion, and conduct their own investigation to uncover convincing evidence.

Comparative Negligence Laws

Although sometimes it is clear that one driver’s negligence caused an accident, many wrecks will be the result of a combination of factors. An injured person could even be partially responsible for the accident that caused their injuries if they were speeding or failed to yield.

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.001 says that a negligent person could collect reduced damages from other negligent parties. However, they cannot collect any damages if they are more than 50 percent responsible for the wreck.

If a Meyerland attorney is representing an injured driver who might be partially at fault for a wreck, they could work to limit their responsibility. The lawyer could be involved in the insurance companies’ fault negotiations and advocate for an allocation of fault that allows the injured person to collect damages.

Pursue Damages After a with a Meyerland Car Accident Attorney

Sometimes people think involving an attorney in an insurance matter is unnecessary, but handling a car accident claim without legal advice is never a good choice. Insurance companies rarely pay appropriate benefits without a fight.

A Meyerland car accident lawyer could ensure the at-fault driver’s insurer treats you fairly. Reach out today to speak with an aggressive advocate during a free consultation.