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Truck accidents can stem from any number of incidents and often leave innocent people with substantial injuries. When a person or company’s negligence is the catalyst behind these collisions, it may be possible for injured parties to seek monetary compensation for what they have lost.

If you have sustained injuries in a crash involving a semi-truck recently, a Mathis truck accident lawyer could ensure that you are aware of the full scope of your rights. One of our reliable personal injury attorneys could assist you in pursuing a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party so that you are not stuck paying the bills.

Demonstrating Negligence in Mathis Truck Crashes

In a negligence case, the plaintiff needs to show the defendant owed them a legal duty of care, then broke that duty, which was the direct cause of the plaintiff’s injuries and damages. While one might assume that the liable party in a truck collision case would be the truck driver, there are actually several parties that can bear legal culpability in these particular claims. If the truck driver operated the vehicle negligently, they or their employer could be held liable for the plaintiff’s injuries.

However, operator negligence is only one of several potential causes of truck collision in Mathis, all of which a skilled attorney could explore on the plaintiff’s behalf. For example, if the truck driver was not properly trained or given sufficient rest periods, and these elements were factors in the accident, the truck company could be assigned a proportion of negligence.

In another example, if the truck itself had a defect that contributed to the accident, the company that manufactured the vehicle could be held legally liable. Any person or entity who played a role in the chain of events involved in the accident can be assigned liability, including the injured party if they contributed to their harm in any way. Although any allotment of negligence can reduce their available compensable damages, Texas law does still allow injured claimants to seek financial recovery even if their own actions were a factor in the incident.

Legal Recovery for Truck Accident Victims

It could take months or years to recover from a serious truck-related injury, and it could even leave permanent physical impairment. It is best to work with a Mathis attorney when pursuing a truck accident claim instead of trying to navigate it alone.

Not only do these cases revolve around an extensive body of laws, but insurance companies will often deploy a range of tactics to avoid paying out compensation even if their insured may have been to blame for what happened. An attorney could use their legal knowledge to identify all areas where someone might require compensation, including as it relates to their mental or psychological wellbeing.

Compensation could include the injured individual’s damages such as medical bills and lost wages, but could also include more wide-ranging losses. For example, intangible harm such as pain, suffering, and emotional distress could also be recoverable in a claim for monetary damages. The surviving family of a deceased person could even file a wrongful death claim.

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Truck accidents can happen in mere seconds but leave you grappling with physical and financial losses that stay with you for years. If the recklessness of the truck driver, truck company, or another party was behind the collision that injured you, it may be time to speak with a Mathis truck accident lawyer.

The Gutierrez Law Firm team ensures that your case stays on track and that you can recover for all forms of harm. Call us now to book your free legal consultation as soon as possible.