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Pursuing your career, regardless of your choice of job, should come with the comfort that a workplace illness or injury will not leave you unable to support yourself and your family. Many employers in Gulfton and around Texas choose to obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy that provides benefits in the event of these incidents. However, state law does not require them to do so, and if you suffer a workplace illness or injury and your employer has opted out of coverage, pursuing a personal injury lawsuit for compensation may be your only option.

A Gulfton workplace accident lawyer is ready to protect your legal rights after an incident on the job. This may include pursuing a workers’ compensation appeal if an insurance provider has denied a claim or could involve filing a lawsuit that holds your employer directly responsible when they choose not to supply a workers’ compensation policy.

Holding Employers Responsible When Workers’ Comp is Unavailable

A workers’ compensation insurance policy provides protection to employees who suffer injuries or illnesses as a product of doing their jobs. This can take the form of payments for medical care and wage reimbursement. However, employers and insurance companies may deny these claims by alleging that a worker was not on the clock at the time of an accident or that the accident was the result of horseplay. An attorney could assist a worker who is trying to secure compensation in this way.

Unfortunately, Texas is not a state that require workers’ comp insurance. Workplaces can be a “non-subscriber” and assume the risk of incidents that may impact the well-being of their employees. If an employer chooses to operate without a worker’s compensation insurance policy, they are directly responsible for any injury that occurs while in operation.

In most situations, these injuries result from premises liability cases, such as slips and falls, defective safety mechanisms, or structural defects. In addition, injuries may also result from improper training methods, the negligence of a fellow employee, or even attacks from customers. A Gulfton workplace accident lawyer could obtain information about the facts that led to an illness or injury, and hold employers directly liable for the resulting physical injuries, lost income, and reductions in quality of life.

Types of Workplace Accidents

The Gutierrez Law Firm has extensive experience handling cases from workers in heavy-labor industries. Injured railroad workers (including those seeking a claim under FELA), maritime workers, and those in the construction industry will often have major catastrophic injuries due to the danger associated with their professions. A workplace accident lawyer in Gulfton could provide valuable insight into their potential claim and handle all legal matters while the plaintiff focuses on rest and recovery.

If employers are not careful enough in inspecting their work areas or following guidelines, workers in industrial jobs – often warehouses and factories – could sustain an injury. Accidents involving heavy machinery or large workplace vehicles are unfortunately common, as are accidents at oil refineries or oilfields, which are plentiful in Texas. No one should have to pay the cost of these accidents if someone else’s negligence was the primary cause.

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All people have the right to feel secure in their jobs and free from the threat of workplace illness or injury. Sadly, these incidents are a fact of life, and Texas law may make it difficult to obtain the benefits that you deserve. Whether you have attempted to collect compensation through a workers’ compensation insurance plan or have learned that your employer has opted out of coverage, it is essential to act quickly to protect your legal rights.

A Gulfton workplace accident lawyer is ready to fight for you, filing appeals with the DWC or acting as your advocate in personal injury lawsuits when your employer may be directly responsible for your losses. Speak with us today in a free consultation to discuss your options.