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A serious truck accident can turn your way of life upside down. When a truck strikes a motor vehicle, the significant difference in the size and weight of the two vehicles can leave motorists dealing with long-lasting personal injuries.

When you find yourself in this situation because of a recent accident, you should not have to deal with the consequences of someone’s negligence on your own. A Falfurrias truck accident lawyer could investigate what happened and who may be at fault. Our trustworthy personal injury attorney could also advise whether you may be eligible to pursue compensation for your injuries and could be your legal advocate every step of the way.

Primary Causes of Truck Collisions in Falfurrias

When a truck crash happens, there could be one or multiple parties who bear blame for the collision and any injuries that ensue. For example, various forms of dangerous driving such as speeding, texting or drinking while driving, drifting from one lane to the next, other improper lane changes, or failing to stop at a light could easily cause a collision. If a truck driver exhibits these or other irresponsible driving behaviors, other motorists may be put in danger.

However, there are frequently other factors at play in truck accidents. If the truck’s cargo has been improperly loaded, this cargo can come loose and fly onto the roadway, creating a hazard that results in one or more motorists crashing into these objects. If certain elements of the truck, such as the brakes, are not functioning properly, or the tractor-trailer is not properly secured, this can create conditions that are ripe for a devastating accident.

Depending on the sequence of events that led to the crash, legal liability could be distributed between multiple individuals and entities. For instance, the truck driver, the company that loaded the truck, the company that manufactured the truck, the company the driver works for, or even another negligent motorist could bear some or all of the legal blame. A Falfurrias attorney could identify all sources of liability for a truck crash and determine who may be culpable for the injuries that followed.

Pursuing Compensation for Truck Accident Injuries

In a successful truck accident claim, compensation could be recovered for a range of financial and personal losses. These can include economic damages, which refer to tangible losses suffered in the accident, as well as non-economic damages, which are intangible losses.

Common examples of economic damages include hospital bills, ambulance bills, physical therapy, doctor appointments, and wages lost due to the individual’s injuries. Non-economic damages can include an individual’s pain, emotional and physical suffering related to the accident, and lost quality of life.

A Falfurrias lawyer could help someone injured in a truck crash pursue all compensation they may be entitled to. In some cases, it may be possible to pursue recovery for punitive damages if a lawyer can show that the defendant was dangerously reckless or acted intentionally.

Get Help From a Falfurrias Truck Accident Attorney

When it comes to seeking compensation for injuries from a truck accident, the insurance company involved will often be hesitant to pay out the damages owed or may try to pin a certain level of liability on the injured victim. Rather than trying to negotiate this convoluted system alone, a Falfurrias truck accident lawyer could navigate these or any other tactics that may be deployed while fighting for your necessary compensation.

It is imperative to work with an attorney who has handled these kinds of cases before and could fiercely defend your interests. Call now to schedule your free case consultation with the Gutierrez Law Firm.