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What to Do After a Car Accident

Protect Yourself And Your Legal Rights
After A Car Accident in Texas

As car accident lawyers in Texas, Gutierrez Law Firm has seen first-hand the growth and development of our great state. With this growth comes the pain of progress, including more traffic. As our highways and interstates crowd with more drivers, commuters, buses and carpools, the chances of being in a car crash increase.

From small fender benders to high-speed collisions, automotive accidents happen over six million times each year in the U.S. If you are involved in a car accident – minor or serious – the following steps after a car accident in Texas can help protect your property, your health, and your legal rights.

  1. Remain at the Scene. Don’t flee the scene of an accident. Even if there is no visible damage to your car or other cars, stay on location of the incident so a full accident report can be registered.
  2. Steer and Clear. Do your very best to relocate your vehicle out of the main traffic lanes. If your vehicle has been disabled by the accident, move away and find a safe location. Many accident deaths have occurred after small incidents when drivers were hit by oncoming traffic.
  3. Safety is a Priority. Alert other drivers with your emergency flashing lights, safety cones, or road flares if available. Signaling the accident to other drivers will help them slow down near the scene of your car accident.
  4. Call Police. If anyone is injured, police can dispatch emergency medical teams to the location. Many insurance companies will often require a police report before proceeding with the claims process.
  5. Records and Pictures. While you should let the police officer know exactly what happened, but our advice as personal injury lawyers in Texas is to tell only the facts. This is a good time to take pictures of your car and the accident scene if you are able.
  6. “Are you Injured?” If a police officer asks if you are injured and you don’t have any obvious injuries yet, we recommend saying, “I don’t know.” The types of injuries sustained in a car accident, like neck and back problems, can remain hidden for days or weeks.
  7. Exchange Information. Do your best to gather information from all parties involved in the accident, including bystanders. Anyone who witnessed the crash can be helpful in building a case against the offending party. Don’t rely solely on the responding officer to obtain evidence.
  8. Notify Insurance. Your insurance company should be notified on the same days as the vehicle accident. Don’t wait to hear from the other people involved. Let your insurance know so they can begin processing the information.
  9. Seek Medical Attention. Listen to your body. Any soreness or change in your body following an accident needs to be examined by a physician. Take all signs and symptoms seriously. For example, headaches could be a sign of a concussion or other head injury.
  10. Organize the Information. Our attorneys are here to serve you and demand that you receive proper compensation for injury, loss of property, and any other damages. Keep all the information you have from the accident – from police reports to insurance claims. All of this information helps us build your case and fight for the compensation you deserve.

If you were injured in a car crash, contact the injury attorneys at Gutierrez Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation.