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The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries for workers, but this time of year, construction workers are exposed to another serious threat on the job: working at night. Because the days get shorter in the winter, many construction workers (or any other person who works outside) will likely find themselves working during night for at least part of their day.

Employers have a responsibility to keep their workers safe. If employees will work during nighttime hours, employers should ensure they have the proper safety training and provide them with necessary safety equipment. For employees, working at night means exercising more caution than usual to ensure a safe workplace for everyone.

To help prevent workplace accidents while working at night, follow these safety tips from our Corpus Christi construction accident attorneys:

  • Wear reflective clothing – It’s not enough for workers to wear bright colored clothing. Workers need to wear clothing that reflects light to ensure they are seen by others.
  • Be aware of your visibility level – Workers need to be extra cautious when working at night. Visibility will be much worse, and workers need to adjust accordingly.
  • Use proper lighting – Proper lighting is crucial to giving workers the visibility they need to work safely. It’s important this lighting does not cause any glares that could inhibit visibility.
  • Avoid blind spots – Vehicles and heavy machinery will have even larger blind spots at night with reduced visibility. Avoiding these dangerous areas can help prevent accidents.
  • Utilize spotters – If heavy machinery is required during nighttime hours, each operator should be in communication with a spotter, who can check work area surroundings for any other workers and tell the operator when and where to move.

Many constructions accidents occurring during nighttime hours can be prevented. If employers or their workers are careless, even for a minute, it can cause devastating injuries.

Corpus Christi Construction Accident Attorneys

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