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Refinery accidents pose a significant danger to employees and visitors in Bellaire and across the country. The risk of catastrophic injury due to machinery accidents, explosions, and fire is ever-present. After an incident like this, a dedicated workplace accident attorney could provide vital assistance.

When you suffer an injury from a refinery accident, you may have grounds for a civil suit, even if your employer is not liable. Do not assume that you are only eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Instead, reach out to a Bellaire refinery accident lawyer now.

Common Causes of Refinery Accidents

Refinery accidents can take several forms under various circumstances, including large fires and explosions, motor vehicle collisions, or heavy machinery incidents.

The causes of refinery accidents can also result from human error or mechanical defects. An experienced attorney in Bellaire could work to determine who caused an oil-refinery accident by examining the following circumstances:

Negligent Hiring

Some accidents occur because of inadequate hiring or training. Refinery work is inherently dangerous, and putting an inexperienced employee in a position where they can cause harm can lead to a negligence claim.

Mechanical Defects

Other accidents occur despite the best efforts of the workers in the facility. Malfunctioning or defective equipment could cause all types of accidents, including collapsing buildings to explosions. When refinery incidents occur because of mechanical defects, the victim can pursue legal action against the manufacturer.


There is a reason that refineries—and the oil and gas industry in general—are heavily regulated. Given the risks of severe injuries and ecological disasters, countless regulations apply to the operation and maintenance of refinery facilities. Unfortunately, these state and federal government regulations are not always followed, including those that prevent workers from sustaining injuries in a refinery.

Who Can File an Injury Lawsuit Following a Refinery Accident?

Many refinery accidents frequently result in injuries to employees. In many cases, these injuries are covered by the state’s workers’ compensation laws. However, these benefits are often far less than what the victim could obtain through a personal injury lawsuit. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation laws often prohibit lawsuits against an employer.

The good news is that there are also situations where a personal injury lawsuit could be available following an oil-rig incident. For example, a worker can sometimes pursue litigation against the at-fault party, even if the responsible entity is not their employer. These lawsuits are often possible when third parties like part manufacturers, contractors, or pedestrians are responsible for a refinery incident.

There are even cases when it is possible to sue an employer following a refinery accident—for example, when the refinery fails to maintain workers’ compensation insurance. Consulting with a seasoned lawyer in Bellaire could reveal what legal options are available following a refinery accident and help the victim secure the maximum compensation for their injuries.

Talk to a Capable Refinery Accident Attorney in Bellaire as Quickly as Possible

When you sustain injuries in a refinery accident, now is the time to seek help from a hardworking attorney. The right legal counsel could help you pursue a case for compensation for your injuries.

Do not put your claim at risk by handling it on your own. Reach out to a Bellaire refinery accident lawyer as soon as possible for a free consultation.