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Railroad workers have consistently provided a valuable service to this country. Unfortunately, that service has come at a price due to the railroad industry’s history of being an incredibly hazardous place to work. Even after all these years, dangerous accidents leading to life-altering injuries still occur with alarming frequency in railyards and on trains.

If you recently suffered harm as a result of your work in a railyard, you should speak to a Bellaire railroad injury lawyer. They might be able to help you pursue compensation for your injuries and other losses. Reach out to our team of qualified workplace injury attorneys at the Gutierrez Law Firm today for assistance.

Common Causes of Injuries to Railroad Workers

Railroad company employees have the potential to sustain injuries in many ways. Serious accidents can occur in railyards, on trains, or on railway lines. Most commonly, damage occurs because of the following:

  • Transportation accidents, including train derailments, train collisions, or trains hitting other vehicles at railroad crossings
  • Slip and falls inside of trains or other railway vehicles
  • Electrocutions
  • Construction injuries
  • Hazardous machinery in the railyard
  • Railway vehicle striking a pedestrian

A seasoned railyard injury attorney in Bellaire could investigate the details of an accident to determine the cause and who is primarily responsible.

FELA Claims in Bellaire

The federal government enacted FELA, the Federal Employees’ Liability Act, to protect the rights of injured train employees. Cases involving hurt railroad workers usually involve FELA claims because most of them are not eligible to collect typical workers’ compensation benefits. FELA provides workers with an avenue to collect damages for losses they sustain on the job. This includes the right to reimbursement for medical costs, rehabilitation, past lost wages, emotional trauma, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and more.

Unlike typical workers’ compensation claims, injured railroad workers must prove that their employer was negligent to recover compensation. However, if the worker can prove that the railroad violated safety regulations, there is a strict liability standard, which means that the need to prove negligence would no longer be necessary.

Comparative Fault

In addition, many employers are quick to deny fault or place the blame on the worker. Fortunately, even if the employee did play a part in the accident that led to their injury, they might still be able to collect damages under the comparative negligence standard. In these instances, the injured party’s recovery would be reduced in proportion to their degree of blame.

Unfortunately, FELA claims can be complicated. Retaining the services of a legal team with experience standing up to large railroad companies is essential. Working with a knowledgeable attorney could give a Bellaire railroad worker the best chance of making a full recovery for their losses.

Reach Out to a Bellaire Railroad Injury Attorney Today to Protect Your Rights

Railroad employees work long hours in dangerous conditions and often perform physically strenuous work. As a result, injuries in this field are not uncommon. If you have experienced harm from careless or negligent actions on behalf of your employer, fellow worker, or another third party, a Bellaire railroad injury lawyer could help you pursue compensation so you can focus on healing.

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