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There is no doubt that working on an oilfield comes with both risks and rewards. While the oil and gas industry provides many financial incentives, it is also a highly dangerous business. Every year, thousands of workers suffer injuries that affect their health and ability to continue supporting their families. While a workers’ compensation claim can certainly provide some support, many employees find that they are still experiencing significant losses even after a successful claim.

A Bellaire oilfield accident lawyer may be able to help fill those gaps. In certain situations, your employer or a third party may be liable for your losses related to an oilfield accident. This includes cases involving gross negligence or failing equipment. Talking with an experienced workplace accident attorney could help you understand your rights under the law and get started down the path to appropriate compensation.

Oilfield Accidents and Personal Injury Law

Oilfields are indisputably dangerous places to work. A simple error from a co-worker or employer could lead to injuries requiring immediate medical attention, extensive rehabilitation, and even a permanent loss of work ability or wrongful death.

Even with this core concept in mind, most oilfield injuries fall under the umbrella of workers’ compensation cases. This means that a worker does not need to show that another party was responsible for the injury and may receive benefits even if the accident was their fault.

However, employer insurance policies will only provide compensation in the form of medical coverage and partial wage reimbursement. With many oilfield accidents affecting other parts of a worker’s life, it is worth letting the Gutierrez Law Firm evaluate whether a personal injury lawsuit may also be possible.

A knowledgeable Bellaire oilfield accident attorney could further explain how personal injury laws affect employees after oilfield injuries.

Pursuing Compensation When a Third-Party is Involved

While someone may think that their injury on an oilfield is a workers’ comp case, it may in fact be better-suited for a third-party liability lawsuit instead. Filing a third-party claim could help fill the gaps that insurance policies often leave behind.

It is important to note that these types of claims are handled through state court and require the injured party to prove liability on behalf of the third-party. This is done by establishing the company or individual that owed the injured a duty of care, breached that duty, and that the failure resulted in an accident that caused injuries and verifiable damages.

An example of a potentially responsible third-party is the maker of faulty equipment, such as an oilfield injury resulting from a fall due to broken scaffolding, a breakdown in machinery, or other mechanical failures. A Bellaire accident attorney could investigate whether the state’s product liability laws allow for compensation from the oilfield worker.

Speak With a Bellaire Oilfield Accident Attorney

Individuals who suffer injuries from accidents caused by negligence on an oilfield deserve the full compensation required to set things right. While an employer’s insurance can provide payments for medical care and partial wage reimbursement, this often leaves gaps in what is truly needed.

A determined Bellaire oilfield accident lawyer could help you file a third-party lawsuit to pursue the total amount of damages in order to recover physically and emotionally from your incident. Reach out to the compassionate and fearless legal team at Gutierrez Law Firm today for legal guidance that has been trusted locally for over 40 years. We offer free consultations.