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Injuries suffered while working on a construction site can result in lasting and wide-ranging physical issues, not to mention the personal and financial toll that can result. When you or your loved one has experienced an injury at their construction job, you may be wondering whether you or they could have a claim for compensation.

A Bellaire construction injury lawyer could evaluate the chain of events to help you identify and pursue the most effective course of action. A claim could hold multiple parties legally liable, depending on the details of your injury. A skilled attorney could ensure you are aware of your rights and best legal options while defending your case in pursuit of all available forms of compensation.

Common Factors in Construction Injury Cases

Construction zones are naturally more risky places to work. However, employers, contractors, and other entities responsible for the sites and equipment and other tools present on the site must ensure all workplace and safety regulations are followed to minimize the risk of injury. When responsible parties do not adhere to their duty of care and a construction worker is injured by negligence, there may be an underlying cause of action for compensation.

Construction injuries can arise in various scenarios, from improper scaffolding to machinery accidents to exposure to toxic substances and chemicals. Poor or inadequate training procedures, lack of proper safety equipment, overworking or overscheduling, or improper maintenance of machinery and equipment can also lead to severe accidents for construction workers while on the job.

Common construction-related injuries include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, organ punctures, loss of a limb, and burn injuries, among many others. A Bellaire attorney could investigate an injury from a construction accident to determine whether negligence played a role.

Construction Injury Claims

There are a few potential types of construction injury claims a Bellaire attorney could help a claimant pursue, depending on the underlying circumstances involved. In Texas, most private employers do not need to carry workers’ compensation, but many do. When a construction worker is injured on the job, and their employer does carry workers’ compensation coverage, they must seek financial recovery for costs like medical bills and lost wages through this route. They generally cannot file an injury claim against their employer.

In situations where workers’ compensation coverage applies, usually, the only way the worker can step outside that system to pursue an injury claim is if a third party also played a role in the underlying injury. In the case of employers who do not carry workers’ compensation coverage, when a construction worker is injured due to their employer’s negligence, they may have grounds to bring an injury claim directly.

It is not uncommon for multiple parties to bear liability in construction accident cases, including the employer, fellow construction workers, contractors, or construction site owner. When negligent maintenance of the work site or equipment played a role in the injury, the entities responsible for this maintenance could also bear liability.

Schedule a Consultation with a Bellaire Construction Injury Attorney

Whether you believe your legal matter falls under the purview of workers’ compensation laws or may give rise to a personal injury case, or both, a Bellaire construction injury lawyer could provide the clarity you seek to determine the most appropriate next steps. Navigating construction injury cases can be notoriously tricky. Insurance companies may try to settle claims for the smallest compensation amount possible.

An attorney could investigate the possible sources of liability for your injury, review evidence, and build a thoroughly strategized case for compensation. Whether negotiating with the insurance company or defending your interests before a judge, you should know an accomplished and compassionate attorney is working on getting you the best results. Call now to speak with a construction accident attorney about your potential case.