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There are many instances where slipping and falling does not produce any injury. Unfortunately, there are occasionally times where a fall is serious enough to require professional medical treatment. You might be required to take time off from work while you recuperate, which could have an effect on your income. If the injury led to permanent catastrophic harm, your ability to provide for your family may be in jeopardy.

If the fall happened on someone else’s land, you might be entitled to some economic relief. A Bellaire slip and fall lawyer could help you pursue a personal injury suit against the person in charge of the property where the injury occurred.

Legal Basis for Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and fall claims are categorized under a subset of personal injury law known as premises liability law. To succeed in a Bellaire slip and fall claim, a lawyer must demonstrate that the person in charge of the premises where the fall occurred was somehow negligent. Landowners are negligent when they fail to keep their land reasonably safe for visitors, customers, and guests.

Property owners and managers could be legally responsible for a claimant’s injury if a dangerous condition caused the claimant to slip or trip. Some examples of negligent property ownership and maintenance are as follows:

  • Failure to regularly inspect a property for hazards, such as potholes, broken steps, faulty handrails, wet floors, bunched-up carpets, exposed wires, or any other tripping or slipping hazard
  • Failure to timely address dangerous conditions that the landowner either knew about or would have known about if the landowner had performed regular upkeep and maintenance
  • Failure to adequately warn people about hazards or risks – For instance, if a grocery store puts up a large sign warning people that there is a wet floor, they would most likely not be liable for a customer’s injuries if they slip on that wet floor.
  • Failure to provide sufficient lighting – If people cannot see where they are walking, they are more likely to trip.

A knowledgeable attorney could assess the circumstances of a fall and help a claimant determine whether they have a strong case for compensation.

Locations Where Falls Frequently Occur

A trip or slip can occur just about anywhere. They commonly occur inside commercial properties, such as retail stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and gyms. People also trip while outside at commercial tourist attractions like amusement parks. Accidents can also happen in residential homes and apartments, particularly in driveways or garages or on decks or porches. Accidents in public parks and schools might mean that the local government holds liability for what happened.

Construction sites or other heavy-labor workplaces can also frequently see slipping accidents. This includes falls related to:

Seasoned Bellaire attorneys have succeeded in helping claimants who have slipped and fallen on commercial, residential, and government property. They understand the laws and know how to successfully pursue claims against negligent property managers, landlords, and homeowners in order to get compensation.

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Recovering after falling can take a long time and you should not have to worry about falling behind on your bills while you recuperate. If your fall occurred while you were on another person’s or company’s property, you should consider filing a legal claim.

A hardworking Bellaire slip and fall lawyer could investigate your accident with the goal of helping you recover what you need to offset your medical bills and lost income. Contact our law firm today and ask about a free consultation.