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Pharmacists and other medical workers have a professional and legal standard of care they must adhere to while on the job. When the negligence of a pharmacist or other medical provider results in someone suffering personal harm, this violation of their duty of care may lead to a valid case for compensation.

A Bellaire pharmacy malpractice lawyer with vast experience in these kinds of cases could help you seek justice when you believe you have been injured due to medical negligence. An attorney could aggressively protect your rights from the conference room to the courtroom while working to see any individual or entity that acted with negligence is held to account.

Assessing Liability in Bellaire Pharmacy Malpractice Cases

Many instances of pharmacy malpractice injuries could stem from potential medical negligence. These can include situations where a patient has been prescribed the incorrect dosage for medication or is prescribed one medication but is given a completely different drug in error. Instances where a patient receives a prescription meant for another patient instead of their own, receives incorrect dosing directions, or is not adequately informed about the potential risks and side effects associated with a drug dispensed to them, may also stem from pharmacy malpractice.

The injuries resulting from pharmacy negligence can be wide-ranging and even life-threatening. The consequences of pharmacy malpractice injuries can include internal bleeding, organ damage, birth injuries, and even fatal outcomes in some cases. Establishing liability in injury matters is rarely clear-cut, and pharmacy malpractice cases are no exception.

The plaintiff must establish the pharmacist or other healthcare provider owed them a duty of care, that this party violated that duty by their reckless or negligent behavior, and that this violation was the direct source of the plaintiff’s injury. Moreover, the plaintiff must have sustained damages due to their injury. Working with a Bellaire attorney that has a wide-ranging background defending and litigating pharmacy malpractice cases is vital to ensure no evidence is left uncovered and pursue the most optimal case results.

Pursuing Monetary Recovery After Pharmacy Negligence

In addition to establishing liability in pharmacy malpractice cases, it is also wise to contact a Bellaire attorney promptly to see what legal options may be possible. An attorney could help an injured plaintiff pursue different forms of compensation, including special and general damages. Special damages indicate the fixed costs associated with the injury, such as medical costs incurred, and time missed from work.

General damages do not have a particular dollar amount and can include losses such as emotional anguish, loss of consortium, mental distress, pain, and suffering. While less common, the court may assess punitive damages against the at-fault party in cases where egregious or wanton negligence was present.

Consult with a Bellaire Pharmacy Malpractice Attorney

Cases involving alleged medical negligence are among the most complicated due to the legal standards that must be met and the body of laws involved. Do not try to seek legal justice without an attorney at your side.

When you believe you or your loved one have been harmed by pharmacy malpractice, your next call should be to a Bellaire pharmacy malpractice lawyer who could review your situation. An attorney could help you understand what recourse and legal strategies are available to pursue maximum financial recovery. Call now to set up your case consultation.