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If you get a splitting headache, chances are you reach for aspirin in your medicine cabinet. If you overdo it at the gym, you can take some ibuprofen to calm your aching muscles. In the event that you suffer a more serious injury or illness, you can usually look to modern medicine to cure or treat you, and, in most instances, medication can help.

Unfortunately, sometimes drugs are defective or have unintended side-effects. If you believe that taking a drug hurt you or your loved one, you should meet with a Bellaire dangerous drugs lawyer. One of our attorneys could help you look into filing a personal injury lawsuit for financial compensation after enduring this pain.

Filing a Claim Against a Drug Manufacturer

Although people do not know for sure how a drug will affect them before they take it, they have the right to expect that their medications will be both safe and effective. Consumers do not have the time or the expertise to personally research and test out each new drug. Instead, they rely on the drug manufacturers to ensure that they produce medications that are reasonably safe for their intended purpose. When they test their drugs, the manufacturers should use a sufficiently large and diverse sample size of the population for a long enough period of time to get accurate results.

There is some level of inherent risk with just about every medicine, especially if it is not taken exactly in the manner prescribed by a physician. However, the new drug’s benefit needs to outweigh those possible risks. Sometimes, pharmaceutical companies rush tests to get their medication out to consumers sooner. If a drug manufacturer places its company profit margin above the safety of consumers, they deserve to pay for any harm that came from that decision.

A reliable Bellaire defective drug lawyer could help an injured consumer investigate their injury. They could assist the plaintiff in pursuing an individual claim against the pharmaceutical company or joining with other similarly affected individuals in a large class-action suit against the drug manufacturer.

Claims Against the Prescribing Physician or Pharmacist

Patients also have the right to expect that the medical team who treats them takes proper care when giving them medication. When a doctor prescribes their patient a new medication, they need to ensure that it is the correct dosage and that they have reviewed their patient’s medical history carefully. Some people are allergic to certain drugs, while others take different types of drugs that could counteract the proposed medicine. If a medical team fails to learn about their patient’s drug history, they could be legally liable for an adverse reaction.

The prescribing physician and the medical team that administers a drug also have a responsibility to ensure that the patient receives the medicine at the correct time with the proper instructions. Similarly, the pharmacist who fulfills the drug order also needs to look out for other potential drug interactions and include proper instructions on how to take the medicine.

A hardworking Bellaire attorney could investigate how the dangerous drug injury occurred and who bears potential legal responsibility.

Meet with a Bellaire Dangerous Drugs Attorney for More Information

The purpose of medical drugs is to help you get better, but unfortunately, some drugs can also cause serious problems. If a medication seriously injured you or a family member, you deserve to work with a legal team that could fight for fair compensation.

A Bellaire dangerous drugs lawyer is not afraid to stand up to large pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and hospitals, and negotiate for financial compensation. Contact us for a free consultation so that you can get the help that you deserve.