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Severe burns can leave you with chronic pain, permanent scarring, disfigurement, and disabilities. When someone else’s reckless or negligent conduct causes you to suffer a severe burn injury, you should not have to worry about the costs of your medical treatment.

A determined catastrophic injury attorney could help you collect compensation from the person or business responsible for harming you. Speak with a Bellaire burn injury lawyer to learn more about the claims process and review your case.

Classification of Burn Injuries

The medical field classifies burns by severity and how deeply they penetrate the skin. As an experienced Bellaire attorney could further explain, there are four burn injury classifications:


First-degree burns are the least severe, and most individuals can treat them at home. This type of wound only affects the outer layer of the skin and does not blister.


Second-degree burns damage some of the epidermis and dermis layers of skin but can still be treated at home. These wounds are more painful, appear red, and often blister.


Third-degree burns destroy the outer two layers of skin and require medical care. The wounds may heal poorly and leave scarring without a medical professional’s intervention.


Fourth-degree burn injuries are the most severe and can be life-threatening. These wounds destroy all layers of skin and tissue and can damage the bone and muscle beneath. When anyone suffers potential fourth-degree burns, it is crucial to seek emergency medical care immediately.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Severe burn injuries can result from accidents involving various heat and electrical hazards. Situations that could warrant a burn injury claim include:

  • Fiery vehicle collisions
  • Campfire accidents
  • Electrical burns from faulty wiring
  • Burn injuries from contact with hot objects
  • Acid and other chemical burns
  • Thermal burns from steam and hot liquids
  • Burns caused by defective products, such as those containing lithium batteries

Injured people have the right to pursue compensation through a civil settlement or lawsuit if another person or entity’s negligence causes an accident leading to severe burn injuries. A Bellaire attorney could investigate the cause of a burn injury and gather the evidence needed to prove liability.

Building Fire Safety Requirements in Bellaire

Smoke detectors and other fire safety equipment can save lives in the event of a fire in an enclosed space. Therefore, the state regulates the use of safety devices to prevent dangerous and avoidable accidents. Under the guidance of the Texas Health and Safety Code § 766.002, the National Fire Protection Association requires every residential building to have a working smoke detector in compliance with the building code. That includes single and multiple-unit residential buildings, college housing, and homes under renovation or new construction.

Further, according to Texas Health and Safety Code § 766.053, the owners of residential high-rise buildings must install fire protection sprinkler systems in compliance with legal regulations. Failing to comply with this statute could result in criminal prosecution and fines of up to $10,000. Additionally, if someone sustains severe burn injuries in a building that was not complying with safety rules,  the building’s owner could be liable for the resulting damages. A local lawyer could investigate a property to determine if the owners were complying with local statutes at the time of a burn injury.

Schedule To Meet With an Experienced Bellaire Burn Injury Attorney

Burns can cause severe physical and psychological trauma and are among the most challenging injuries to fully recover from. If you sustained severe burn injuries because of someone else’s reckless actions, you have every right to expect them to pay for the damages. While you focus on getting better, let a skilled attorney pursue legal action on your behalf.

A skilled Bellaire burn injury lawyer could gather the necessary evidence to establish fault and the total cost of damages and losses in your case. Call today to schedule a free consultation.