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Most workplaces carry the potential for some sort of injury, but for many industries, diligence must be observed on a daily basis to avoid severe injuries or death. Negligence on the part of managers, corporations, or manufacturers can mean the difference between a safe work environment and a deadly disaster in the making for thousands of workers across the country. In some cases, injured workers are covered by workers’ compensation in Texas. But this isn’t always the case. Protecting yourself from workplace negligence starts with understanding the risks and applicable laws specific to your industry. An Alice workplace accident lawyer could be your ally when these incidents occur.

Oilfield Accidents

With long hours and many potential dangers, the oil industry continues to lead the country in annual fatalities in the workplace. Learn more about Oilfield Accidents

Industrial Accidents

Certain environments, such as manufacturing plants or warehouses, carry unique risks and a high potential for injury if due diligence is not observed. Learn more about Industrial Accidents

Maritime Accidents

Sailors and dockworkers face dangers from the environment and the equipment they use each day. Specific laws protect the rights of injured mariners, and the area of maritime law can quickly become confusing. Learn more about Maritime Accidents

Construction Injuries

Operating heavy machinery, working in high places and on scaffolding, and using dangerous tools makes construction one of the most hazardous industries. Construction sites are also prime for slips, trips and falls, which can result in injuries ranging from minor to critical. Learn more about Construction Injuries

Refinery Accidents

Modern engineering has made today’s refining systems safer, but the threat for injuries remains. Negligence is often at the top of the list of reasons for industrial injuries and refinery accidents. When safety rules and equipment standards fall behind, refinery workers’ lives are put at risk. Learn more about Refinery Accidents

Heavy Machinery Accidents

Large and dangerous machines are necessary tools in many industries, and the power behind many of the tasks they perform can easily lead to severe injuries and death if caution is not observed. Learn more about Heavy Machinery Accidents

Workplace Vehicle Accidents

Oversized trucks and other vehicles are essential in transporting goods and materials for many jobs, leading to a need for thousands of drivers. These powerful vehicles carry the potential for serious damage if they are not handled with due care. Learn more about Workplace Vehicle Accidents

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