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Even a man’s best friend has bad days. That being said, dog bites can cause serious injuries—and lead to substantial medical bills. When an owner fails to take proper steps to prevent these injuries from occurring, they could be liable for compensating these costs.

Anyone who has been bitten by someone else’s dog is well-advised to contact an experienced Alice dog bite lawyer for assistance with their case. A personal injury attorney could help investigate the incident, argue for damages in court, or deal with insurance companies on your behalf.

Strict Liability for Dog Owners in Texas

Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 822 covers dog bite laws in the state and establishes strict liability for dog owners. This means a dog owner is responsible for their dog’s behavior, no matter how the dog has behaved in the past. Some states have what is known as a ‘one free bite’ rule, letting owners off the hook if it is the first time their dog has bitten another person. Texas does not have this rule.

The principle of comparative negligence applies to dog bite cases in Texas, meaning that if someone somewhat caused the bite – say, by provoking the dog – their ability to recover is reduced. An experienced Alice dog attack attorney could advise how comparative negligence might apply to an individual case.

Possible Damages in Dog Bite Cases

Dog bites can lead to a range of injuries. A dog’s teeth can tear into skin and muscle, causing punctures and tissue damage. Dog bites can also lead to infections, including tetanus, rabies, and sepsis, as well as cause serious damage to intestinal organs. Some dog attacks may even result in collapsed lungs.

To account for the severity of these injuries, there is a full range of damages available to dog bite plaintiffs. Recoverable damages may include medical bills, lost wages and earning power, and emotional trauma. An experienced Alice dog bite attorney could advise a client on the full spectrum of damages that may be available to them based on the facts of their case.

Other Ways a Lawyer Can Help

While most people understand that a lawyer could take a dog bite case to court, there are many other ways an experienced lawyer in Alice could help injured individuals. A local legal professional could investigate the bite to establish liability and negotiate with insurance companies for a fair payout.

Liability and negligence are complex legal topics, and proving them in court or while dealing with insurance companies is not simple. Insurance representatives will make lowball settlement offers in hopes an injured person will want to settle as soon as possible. A skilled attorney could advise as to the possible value of a case and advocate for this amount from the insurer.

Work With an Alice Dog Bite Attorney On Your Claim

Anyone who has been bitten by someone else’s dog should call a knowledgeable injury attorney today for a free consultation. Whether the injury was minor or major, you may be entitled to financial damages. A dedicated lawyer could help investigate your case and discuss possible next steps, such as filing a lawsuit or attempting to negotiate with the dog owner’s insurer.

Call an experienced Alice dog bite lawyer today to pursue fair compensation with an experienced legal advocate at your side.