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Children are precious. They are also especially vulnerable to harm, whether from accidents or because of the negligence of adults. Anyone whose child has been injured because of another person’s reckless actions should call an experienced Alice child injury lawyer to discuss the possibility of filing a civil claim.

A lawyer could help families in a variety of ways, including investigating the cause of a child’s injury, determining what laws apply, and building a case to take to court. A lawyer could also negotiate with the insurance company for a settlement if the circumstances allow. By contacting an experienced injury attorney, you could have peace of mind knowing a seasoned legal professional is on your and your family’s side.

Texas Law On Child Injury

Texas Penal Code Chapter 22, Sec. 22.01 covers assaults, including on children. It applies to intentional, knowing, and reckless actions that cause injury to another person. Sec. 22.04 applies to intentional, knowing, reckless, and criminally negligent acts or omissions that cause harm to a child (or elderly or disabled person). These are criminal acts.

On top of facing criminal charges, someone who causes harm to a child can also be held civilly liable for financial damages. For example, if a doctor injures a child in their care through medical malpractice, that doctor could be liable for the resulting medical bills and emotional trauma. Alternatively, a daycare worker who is negligent in their duties could be held responsible for the injuries of a child in their care. An Alice attorney could investigate the circumstances leading up to a child’s injury to determine who could be liable for covering damages.

Texas Regulations for Daycares and Childcare Workers

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services regulates the childcare industry in the state. One of the first things to do if a child is injured at a daycare facility is to report it to this department so that it may investigate the circumstances surrounding the injury and take steps to prevent further harm. An experienced child injury lawyer could advise as to next steps for a family in Alice under these circumstances.

There are several regulations daycares in Texas must follow, relating to things such as staffing levels, the safety of their facilities, and the qualifications of caregivers. These regulations can affect liability. For example, if a company did not perform the required background check on an employee, and the employee subsequently caused a child injury, both the company and the employee could be held liable.

Call an Alice Child Injury Attorney for Legal Support

Nothing is more important to a parent than the well-being of their children. Any parent who has a child who has been injured due to another adult’s negligent actions should call an experienced Alice child injury lawyer today to discuss pursuing compensation. An injured child and their family deserve the attention of a compassionate attorney who could help recover fair damages.

Call an Alice child injury lawyer today for a free consultation. Our team is dedicated to helping families like yours get the compensation they deserve from negligent actors.