Defective Seatbelt

The Problem of Defective Seatbelts

One of the best defenses against serious injury in a car accident is properly functioning seatbelts; as far as safety experts and agencies are concerned, seatbelts are the undisputed king of safety devices, because in a crash, inertia will cause the occupants of the vehicle to keep moving...

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Burn Injuries

How Are Burn Injuries Evaluated?

Among the worst injuries possible in any accident are burn injuries because they can have absolutely devastating consequences for sufferers. If the burn is severe, treatment can require an exceptionally long hospital stay, numerous very painful surgeries and extremely long periods of physical therapy just to return to...

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Whiplash Injury

The Seriousness of Whiplash

Car accidents in Texas can result in a great number and types of injuries, but among the most common injuries are those to the neck and back. In particular, neck injuries commonly range from mild sprains to broken necks. However, the most common of these is known...

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Casualty at work

OSHA’s Fatal Four Workplace Accident Causes

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has spent nearly 45 years protecting the nation’s workers and, since their inception in 1971, the number of workplace injuries and death has dropped precipitously. Yet, despite this drop, OSHA still notes that more than 12 workers die on...

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School Bus Safety

National School Bus Safety Week

This week marks National School Bus Safety Week and the Department of Public Safety troopers will be our in full force, patrolling during school hours. As always, drivers should make sure that they obey the rules of the road when it comes to buses.

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