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Motor Vehicle Accidents


 Motor Vehicle Accidents

Accidents occur on roads, highways, and streets across the country every day. No matter how small the impact may seem, a collision carries the potential for injuries and even fatalities. The vehicle accident lawyers at The Gutierrez Law Firm have helped hundreds of wreck victims.

Car Accidents

Any car accident can lead to injuries that interfere with daily activities, prevent victims from working, or rack up large hospital bills. When negligence is the cause of the accident, victims shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes of other drivers.

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Truck Accidents

The extra weight and force behind large trucks increases the potential risk of damage resulting from collisions, especially when smaller vehicles are involved.

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Motorcycle Accidents

With limited protections from an impact, motorcyclists face a greatly increased risk of severe injury or death in the case of an accident.

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Drunk Driving Accidents

Driving under the influence of alcohol places other drivers on the road at risk, as a driver’s reflexes and perceptions are severely impacted – preventing them from operating a vehicle safely.

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Auto Pedestrian Accidents

When the force of a vehicle collides with a pedestrian, the results are commonly severe for the unprotected individual.

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Bus Accidents

Accidents involving buses carry a high risk of injuries, as passengers are typically not wearing seatbelts.

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Auto Products Liability

Even a seemingly minor defect in a part of a motor vehicle can lead to fatal accidents and severe injuries. Manufacturers are responsible for keeping their consumers safe behind the wheel.

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